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Real-Time Live Chat

Create your Hyversa account today and start building your online customer support strategy and manage all your businesses in one Go.

  • Instant customer engagement.

  • Streamlined support management.

  • Unified business operations.

Video is Powerful Embed Your Video Tutos

People are accustomed to remembering only 20% of what they read in comparison to 80% of what they can see. Allowing customers to choose between written and visual content provides a sense of inclusion for people who prefer the second option. With Hyversa, you can add training videos through Youtube or Vimeo and help provide solutions for their problems.

User-Friendly FAQ Activated

Manage repeated questions by updating your Frequently asked questions section regularly. The worst experience customers face is little-to-no general answers to the most obvious questions. Hyversa ensures concise, straight-to-the-point, and an activated FAQ category.

  • Effortless FAQ Updates: Easily manage and update FAQs to address evolving customer queries promptly.

  • Clear and Concise Answers: Ensure customers find straightforward solutions to common inquiries, reducing frustration and enhancing satisfaction.

Drag and Drop Chatbot Builder

Hyversa Drag and drop Chatbot builder is quite the adventure. You can fully customize the Bot to match the right workflows based on your business and customer needs. By fully customized, we mean: Choosing the text, button options, images, emojis, GIFs, videos and audio options, and a rating system to help you improve your work.


Sandra W

Hyversa is an amazing tool for customer service and following up with clients' needs. It allows the team to efficiently take care of the issues that our clients encounter.


Kenny J

Overall, from my personal experience and after talking to my colleagues, I believe Hyversa is one of the best (if not the best) complete solutions out there


Mike S

Very nice ticketing system, easy to use, easy to implement, easy to set up, and very cheap compared to others. very good for retail businesses. their support is A+


Molly S

The thing that we like the most in Hyversa, is the extensive and customizable options to manage client tickets and FAQs.


Choose your plan


For single users

$0 /month

  • 1 Domain

  • Up to 4 Operators

  • Basic Visual Chatbot Editor (less elements)

  • 200 Users engaged with chatbots

  • 100 unique visitors per month (unlimited conversations)

  • Collect your leads in CSV

  • 30 Days chat history


For team Save 50%

$10 /month

  • All the Free Features

  • 1 Domain

  • Up to 6 Operators

  • 10,000 Users engaged with chatbots

  • Unlimited Live chat conversations

  • Email Support

  • Hyversa branding

  • Live Typing

  • Notes

  • Canned Responses

  • Unlimited chat history

  • Visitors Info

  • Analytics


For agencies

$29 /month

  • All the Standard Features

  • 1 Domain

  • Up to 8 Operators

  • Advanced Visual Chatbot Editor (all elements)

  • Unlimited Live chat conversations

  • Unlimited chat history

  • Unlimited active chatbots

  • Chatbot templates

  • Zapier, Pabbly Integrations

  • Priority Support

  • No Hyversa branding

Not sure what to choose ? contact us for custom packages